Mom gets 10 years for letting boyfriend bang her kids

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"A man who raped his girlfriend's two daughters while she was in bed with them won't have a chance to molest another child. Alberto P. Hernandez, 55, was sentenced on Monday to life without parole by a Franklin County judge who expressed outrage at the crimes. . . . . Hernandez lived with the girls and their mother on Atwood Terrace, where they often shared a bed, according to testimony. The mother, Tracy Glover, testified that she had a history of mental illness, alcohol and drug addiction, was sexually abused as a child and had been the victim of domestic violence by a number of the men in her life, including Hernandez. Glover, 44, pleaded guilty in January to two counts of rape for her complicity and agreed to testify against Hernandez in a plea agreement. Prosecuting and defense attorneys have recommended a 10-year sentence for her."

This is what I mean when I speak of women being given a lot of privileges. The war on pedophilia is a war on men, with male defendants being held fully responsible for what they do, while the judges, prosecutors, and cops let women claim all kinds of excuses for why they knowingly gave men sexual access to their kids. In the parlance of the sexual offender treatment programs, this would be considered "rationalization" and "blame-shifting," but women are allowed to get away with it because they have a pussy between their legs, which apparently means that they deserve special treatment, consideration, and leniency in every aspect of life.

In our society, women get to demand to be treated as men's equals, while at the same time being allowed to play the weak, vulnerable victim when it's convenient. Men, on the other hand, are expected to shoulder all the burdens that come with being the head of their household, while at the same time having none of the authority that one would expect a patriarch to have, and also taking almost all the blame for any criminal acts that happen, even if women were complicit.

Why does this man need a life sentence? As he gets older, he'll become statistically less likely to commit a sex offense. Meanwhile, what about the woman; will other children end up in her care? We know that it's usually not by accident that such women shack up with pedophiles; rather, they tend to repeatedly end up with men who want to bang their kids, because they make sexual access to their kids a selling point by which they attract pedophiles into relationships.

I really wonder, how many women out there would have no problem with letting their boyfriend or husband have sex with their kids, as long as there wasn't too big a risk of getting caught? I suspect it's a pretty high percentage. Even higher must be the percentage of women who will tell their boyfriend or husband, "Don't have sex with the kids!" but still give him an opportunity to have sex with them, knowing he wants to.

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