Men will always have a higher suicide rate, and women will always have a higher suicide attempt rate

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Masculinity is about being strong, decisive, logical, and action-oriented. Femininity is about being weak, indecisive, and more inclined to call out for men to help.

A certain percentage of men are destined to be losers, neither succeeding in the work world, nor passing on their genes. This is because men are mother nature's crapshoot, and sometimes the dice will come up snake eyes. When that happens, a man can logically conclude that he should kill himself. If he were to attempt and fail, his suicidal tendencies would just make him look weak and therefore less attractive. People would lose respect for him.

Women, on the other hand, can often get a man to help by appearing to be in distress. Parasuicide may serve this purpose well. When women show signs of weakness, such as crying, men come to the rescue.

As women become more masculine, the suicide rate is rising, especially among menopausal women.[1]