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Red Pill Libertarian is a site for essays and videos about red pill libertarianism. It is administered by Nathan Larson.



Mainspace on this wiki is for essays.

  • Articles related to the red pill should go to Kings Wiki.
  • Essays and videos related to the red pill can go on this wiki (or you can put them in userspace at Kings Wiki, if you prefer). They need not pertain directly to libertarianism to be hosted here, although it's encouraged to point out, at every opportunity, the red pill's implications for libertarianism, and vice versa. It's okay, by the way, if some essays resemble articles.
  • Articles and essays about libertarianism, without any red pill dimension, should go to Mises Wiki.

Ownership of essays[edit]

Essays will not be marked as having been written by any particular editor, as this could deter others from editing their work. Every essay is open to being edited mercilessly by others.


Use descriptive essay titles. If there are multiple essays on the same topic, you may have a list page with a more general "list of essays related to..." title.

What makes this wiki different from Kings Wiki?[edit]

You don't need to cite sources as thoroughly as you might at Kings Wiki, although it's encouraged to back up your arguments with sources. You have more latitude here to develop the new philosophy of red pill libertarianism from scratch.

List of essays[edit]