Is feminism anti-intellectual?

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Feminists probably like to think of themselves as being more educated, more sophisticated, more modern, etc. Yet couldn't they be considered ignorant inasmuch as they don't really delve deeply into the red pill? They have only a superficial understanding of it.

At this point, every layman has blue pill conditioning from school and popular culture, and the red pillers are the ones who immerse themselves in reading about hypergamy, solipsism, etc., which I suppose the feminists describe as pseudo-intellectualism.

It's blue pill fantasy to imagine that everyone you meet is open to discussion on every topic. That got Socrates sentenced to death in ancient Athens, our shining example of rational debate and inquiry.

Anti-intellectualism is more often embraced by the majority, who believe in "self-evident truths." The minority must learn the majority view and then other views to choose what they believe. Even if they’re not particularly good critical thinkers, the minority will tend to have been exposed to a wider variety of arguments.

Today that favors anti-feminists over feminists. Nazis over Antifa. Etc.