Husbands are usually the good guys

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Often what we are told, when people say, "We need feminism," is, "There are so many abusive men out there, and women need to be protected."

It's more common, actually, that women are the ones behaving in an erratic and dangerous manner. This is not just because of their youth and emotionality relative to their husbands, but also because of the female nature to test men, as well as the fact that husbands go through a more rigorous vetting process than wives.

20% of men are rejected entirely as mates, and never end up producing any offspring. But almost every young woman who wants a mate can get one, and produce kids. If there aren't enough husbands to go around to all the women who want one, they will just share husbands, e.g. by becoming mistresses (which is a form of polygyny), or by becoming a man's second, or third, etc. wife (which is a form of serial monogamy).

So the upshot is that the worst 20% of men are weeded out, but the worst 20% of women are not. Of the remaining 80% of men who are able to mate, they will tend to be, on average, superior to the women they're with, because that's just how the bell curve works when you chop off the lower tail of the men's curve.

The effect is even more pronounced given that the men who are getting to have second, third, etc. wives (i.e. trading in their old wives for younger models), or who have mistresses, are usually men at the right (opposite of left) end of scale.