How Libertarians get friendzoned by the voters

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You know the stereotypical friendzoned dude, who hangs out with a hot chick who already has a boyfriend? He obeys the rules that society has told him he should follow in order to be a "nice guy" whom girls should like. Therefore, he thinks this chick should prefer him, if only she would get to know him better and see how much he has to offer. Then he would finally get to put his penis in her, and both of them would benefit from having a happy sexual relationship together. His intentions are to marry her, be faithful to her, provide for her, respect her right to equality and independence, etc.

When he's around that chick, he denounces guys who act like jerks to women. He moves her sofa for her (since her boyfriend can't be bothered), and he listens to her complain about her boyfriend. He thinks he has a chance because she says, "You're so sweet. I wish there were more guys like you. You're such a good friend, you're like a brother to me!"

Then she goes off and bangs the same boyfriend she just got done complaining to her nice guy friend about. That boyfriend doesn't even view the nice guy as a threat, because he knows his girlfriend feels no attraction for him, but rather, she just uses him as an emotional tampon. The nice guy acts as a doormat for the girl so that she gets all of her complaining, and all of her desire to be catered to by a man, out of her system, and then when she sees her boyfriend again, she can act demure and sweet

Her boyfriend never saw the need to do a bunch of favors for her. At the beginning, he didn't even buy her a drink; he just showed up at the bar, said "Let's get out of here," and they were banging at his apartment within an hour.

Libertarians have a lot of radical proposals that they believe would be beneficial to the voters. But they assume, "The voters won't want to choose me, unless I gradually warm them up to my ideas first by presenting them in a toned-down, non-threatening way that obscures or downplays my long-term agenda."

So they give lip service to lots of mainstream ideas, like "We need a 10% tax cut" or "We need common sense gun laws that balance public safety with the right to self-defense." They don't want to go all-out and say, "We need to uphold individual liberty by abolishing taxation altogether and allowing people to own fully automatic weapons" because the voters might not like that. Libertarians figure, "Let me get the voters used to some moderate libertarian ideas, and then gradually when they see I'm not a total wacko, I can introduce to them some more radical ideas."

Meanwhile, the Democrats and Republicans propose all kinds of radical restrictions on liberty, such as Obamacare, the PATRIOT Act, etc. The voters complain to Libertarians about these policies, and Libertarians think, "All right! This means I'm making progress, to the point that I'm getting close to finally getting some votes."

Then the voters go off and vote for the same Democrats and Republicans they just got done complaining to the Libertarians about. The Libertarians just served as someone to bitch to; they were never taken seriously as an alternative, because their agenda was so moderate as to be uninspiring. The Democrats and Republicans see this happening over and over, and know Libertarians don't pose a threat to them.

This is just like the friendzoned guy. He was so meek and unwilling to make a move on the girl that she decided to go for a braver, more masculine and decisive guy instead, and give that guy her pussy, even though he's not as nice to her. The result is that the "nice guy" now is masturbating to her Facebook selfies while she gets pounded out by a guy who doesn't even buy her dinner, and considers her just one of many fuck buddies he's using till he gets tired of her.

You'll often see "nice guys" call out "jerks" for their bad behavior, and get approving nods from women and from the rest of society. What does that accomplish, though? See the Black Pill Comic, A Warm Tingly Feeling.

Similarly, Libertarians will pat themselves on the back for trying to appease the feminists among their own ranks, and the general public, by kicking out those members who have been deemed "misogynists." But it still will not get them votes. And in most cases, those feminists in their ranks will not return the favor either, by actually doing much to help the Libertarian Party. It's what Marc Montoni calls "those pothead libertarians" (i.e. the kind of libertarians who supposedly make the LP look bad) who tend to actually work hard for the Party.