Encyclopedia Dramatica's feminist double standards

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I notice something about Encyclopedia Dramatica. They have a lot of articles about men who have made comments at some point about how it's okay to have sex with kids. But it's quite rare that they will criticize a woman who has made a similar remark. (One of the few exceptions I know of is Lena Dunham, who has been able to continue her career despite the admissions she made in her book, while Milo Yiannopoulos's career was destroyed.)

Of course, the natural division of labor between men and women is that men are usually the ones who are more open and daring about their unorthodox beliefs. So, men get the majority of the flak, and carry most of the burden of trying to effect change in society. (One would think we should also get some more privileges for taking on this role, but women want both equal power, and to have men be the ones to get their hands dirty. Basically, women want to be the new aristocracy, and male feminists are hoping to get some favored positions as loyal servants of the new aristocrats.)

But let's suppose there's a situation in which a woman has publicly made such a comment. More likely than not, because women tend to be much more into Facebook (since they like to play the attention whore on there), she made the comment on Facebook, and no one will have thought to grab a screenshot before she deleted or hid her comment or deactivated her account. But I assembled a number of comments made by my ex-wife on such topics.

At one point, I created a Dramatica article about her, because I figured, if they're going to call me out for my pro-pedophilia remarks, they should note her involvement too. After all, she admitted that early in the relationship, she was okay with my having sex with the kids, and gave me permission to do so, as long as they consented. It was only later, when she started to worry about CPS, that she decided to veto that idea.

So the situation remains, that neither of us touched a kid sexually (as far as I know), but both of us were at one point or another willing to condone it. She also, like me, has a history of hanging around pedophiles, including O'Reilly Flowers, whom Dramatica also has an article about.

Anyway, Dramatica, after much discussion, deleted the article about her, while keeping the article about me. And I always wondered, why the double standard? It was the same way with her parents. They wanted to keep our kid (their granddaughter) away from me, but they had no problem with our kid being with the mother, who like I say, had a history of hanging around pedophiles (and, in our case, even marrying and having a kid with someone she knew wanted to have sex with the kids) and making statements supportive of adult-child sex.

It has nothing to do with the fact that she's dead, because Dramatica has plenty of articles about people who have killed themselves. It has nothing to do with the fact she was mentally ill, because Dramatica has plenty of articles about crazy people. All it boils down to is, women in our society are given the privilege of blaming adult-child sex on men, and they don't receive anywhere near the same stigma or persecution for their involvement in it.

This is one of the reasons why, whenever I get attacked for being a pedophile, it always makes me hate the feminists more. It's because every attack on a pedophilic man is either by a feminist, or by someone who is acting as one of the feminists' useful idiots. The war on pedophilia is just a way of exposing men to a risk that women are exempted from.